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From an intense survey on Purple CV, it can be easily concluded that they offer low-cost deals to all the clients and everyone can afford it. But writers from Purple CV often use templates and add the provided information to it. Sometimes they tend to copy the content from other CVs and cover letters. The overall score is 3/5 which is average but we hope to see them working on this aspect to gain some loyal clients!


Are you having trouble writing a CV or are you finding it difficult to come up with an engaging and catchy cover letter? You may be searching for professional CV writing services. As it is quite stressing to write a career oriented CV that is opening doors of success for you and landing you to your dream job.

We have seen in the past decade, the Internet world is getting full of online CV services. But how can you know which one is perfect for you and offers high quality CV writing service or cover letters for you? Worry not – like other reviews on CV agencies, this time we have written Purple CV review for you. It will help you fish a best CV service within a few hours.

The mission of PurpleCV writing service is to provide guidance to those who are unable to come up with expert CVs, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles. It is just like a ladder in your working career on which you can climb and reach the sky limit.

It does not matter if you are an undergraduate, graduate, or top execute as PurpleCV offers something for everyone. It offers professional CV writing service where the writers mould words especially for you that goes well with your customized order.

If you open the website of PurpleCV services, you will get a complete view of the homepage. It is all purple and white and an attractive cover picture and an aesthetic logo. Their website offers services, accessories, recently written blogs and much more.

The services Purple CV offers to you

Purple CV is a legal service that offers you to have your own expert CV writer.
Now these expert CV writers can form words in such a way that it purely targets the job ad you have seen and you are willing to apply at. You can even tell your assigned writer about the keywords that must be used in your CV or cover letter and these expert writers may tailor your CV or cover letter accordingly.

These professional writers provide unlimited revisions and that too on the budget they have already mentioned. That means no hidden charges absolutely!

PurpleCV may provide you good CV writing services and although they claim not to use templates. But we have come across many authentic reviews where clients have reported about the usage of templates. We know it looks bad. If you are considering to pay someone to write a CV or cover letter for you, then you want it to be unique from other CVs or cover letters and oh, there must be no copy pasting of the content used in it.

Packages for everyone

PurpleCV is a trusted CV writing agency that will never run away with your money. It offers affordable services and packages. It has four different CV writing packages that are easy on pocket and everyone can make the most out of it easily.

  • Early Career CV – 0 to 3 years’ experience only in £45
  • Next Step CV – 3- 10 years’ experience only in £75
  • Advanced Career CV – over 10 years’ experience in £95
  • Specialist CV – for Niche profession only in £175

It also offers 4 complete package deals for you to make your task easy peasy lemon squeezy for you. No need to search different agencies for your CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile, when PurpleCV writing service has all-in-one features for you!

  • Early Career Package Deal – offering Early career CV with cover letter and LinkedIn profile in only £90.
  • Next Step Package Deal – offering Next step CV with cover letter and LinkedIn profile only in £110
  • Advanced Career Package Deal – offering advanced career CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile only in £120.
  • Specialist Package Deal – offering Specialist CV with cover letter and LinkedIn profile only in £195

You can see Specialist package deal is a bit expensive as they may tailor the order you have placed in accordance to your niche.

Customer Service by Purple CV services

Purple CV writing service claims to have expert CV writers who have been professional recruiters, employment experts and highly qualified counsellors and coaches but no one actually knows who has written his or her CV or cover letter.

Is it the founder Andrew himself who is an expert of writing CVs or whom is it? And when it comes to getting in touch with your writer, then your assigned writers may not respond to the emails you sent to them properly, even though they are fully aware of your urgency!

Purple CV writers surely believe in offering unlimited revisions for months but you have to keep on dropping emails to them and keep on giving reminders to them asking about your CV, so that you can get updates on it. Otherwise they may forget to even keep a check on your cover letter, CV or LinkedIn profile. It’ll cause you a great delay, so make sure if you are selecting this CV writing service due to your low budget, do not forget to give them a good timeline to work on.

How to place your order?

First step: Select the type of CV or package

To place your order on Purple CV, first you have to choose your type of CV or the package deal you want to select. You have the option if you want to attach your previous CV for reference or your LinkedIn profile.

Second step: Getting your expert writer

Once you have selected your CV type and attached your previous CV or cover letter, the expert writers will check your requirements and order type. One of the professional writers would be assigned to you according to your industry or niche.

Third Step: Crafting your CV

Once this process is done and your writer has collected all the valid information from you about yourself and the way you want your CV to be – the assigned writer will start working on your CV.

Forth Step: Wuhoo, it is done!

When your writer will complete your placed order, you will receive your CV in PDF format and in MS Word. They may surely have revisions as many times as you want “according to their claim”, but again, you may face late replies from their side as they might have too much traffic on their site due to offering cheap packages.

Is Purple CV worth your money?

Before you place your order at Purple CV, first go through reviews to know about their services offered and how their product quality is.

You can read their reviews by their clients on Google or other social media sites. Negative comments may be removed but if it’s Google then you may see some of the authentic reviews and no one can delete customer reviews and feedbacks from there!

Final verdict

The packages Purple CV is offering may not be too pricey but as we have viewed many customer reviews, they are using templates adding your information and aligning it a little. Sometimes they even copy content from other CVs and cover letters due to shortage of time.

If you are about to place your order or want your CV urgently, make sure first you check Purple CV reviews. Many of their customers are satisfied with their customer service and product quality, you can too trust them fully if you are applying at an Entry level or you are a beginner who is looking for some internship offers – then Purple CV is all what you need!


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